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UNC Charlotte - Main Station
UNC Charlotte - Main Station

The LYNX Blue Line connects UNC Charlotte with commercial and other neighboring districts from University City to Uptown and beyond- close to the Pineville County border. The light rail creates more accessibility to university resources for the citizens of Charlotte. UNC Charlotte Main Station is located along Cameron Boulevard, next to Wallis Hall (close to North Deck) and has parking nearby. The train station has covered seats, two ticket-purchasing machines with audio and braille options, as well as a bike rack. UNC Charlotte students have free access to these services linked to their student ID cards; faculty can also purchase a light rail pass through the UNC Charlotte website.

In 2005, the university entered into an agreement with the city government to bring the light rail to campus. The Blue Line extension opened on March 16th, 2018; on that day, the inaugural train departed from UNC Charlotte-Main. One month prior, a ribbon cut ceremony had taken place to celebrate the university’s participation in the light rail project. This station is important for the light rail as it represents a connection between the university students and faculty with other areas of Charlotte City. UNC Charlotte-Main is located on campus, and as such, the surrounding area is dedicated to students and faculty.

Many resources and services are available for Spanish speakers at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, which is within walking distance from the train station. There is a free bus system available for students and visitors; there is also a shuttle service available for students to do their shopping off campus- those outside the Niner community cannot use the shuttle without a UNCC student. The shuttle travels to three locations: an Indian supermarket, called Patel Brothers; another supermarket called Harris Teeter; and a store called Target. There are several ATMs around campus at the University of Charlotte, and they allow you to choose Spanish as the operating language.

Several organizations that promote the connection of the Hispanic community bonds on campus, as well as clubs that strengthen Spanish language learners’ skills. Here is a list of all Hispanic and Latino/a/x organizations: