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Tom Hunter Station
Tom Hunter Station

Tom Hunter station opened in March of 2018 as part of the Blue Light Rail. It is located in the Hidden Valley neighborhood at 6506 North Tryon Street. Tom Stanley designed the public art project for the station. He based his design idea on Hidden Valley Elementary School and Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School. The works of art near the station are centered around “home,” as the Hidden Valley neighborhood is the home of many families that have lived there for generations. This station has a modern style, with only an island platform. The station has a gazebo and benches covered with blue themed art for the passengers. The station has garbage and recycling containers to keep the station fresh and clean. It is worth mentioning that the announcements for all stations, Tom Hunter included, are in both languages, English and Spanish! Tom Hunter Station is crucial in the opportunities provided for the community close by. Most people living in this area are minorities, and the infrastructure is underdeveloped compared to other parts of Charlotte. Due to this disparity, there may be less car access, but with the Lynx Light Rail, the community can enjoy many more places and have fewer concerns about transportation. As the population around the area is mostly minority groups, many resources, and services are available in Spanish. These resources range from restaurants, markets, and others. Here is a list of services within walking distance of Tom Hunter Station.

Mess Sanchez Auto repair Supermercado y Restaurante El Mariachi Concesionario de Automóviles Usados Centroamérica Mex Envíos LLC La Casita
La Pandería Odalys InterCambio Express Emelys Unisex Salon Tienda de Ropa Elys Tortillería y Restaurante
Lavandería El taco veloz Guatemalteca Panadería Restaurante La Iglesia Church Relax Inn Charlotte